Showing the World Who You Are!

Your high school senior portraits:

They’re some of the most important portraits you'll ever have taken. Why?

Because a really beautiful, professional portrait of yourself can help build your confidence, increase your self-esteem, and influence the direction of your life.

So how do we achieve our goal of producing the best portrait of your life?

Read through this special guide we’ve prepared for you.

Having them made at the "Southeast Ohio Senior Portrait Center" at Lamborn’s Studio will turn out to be the most economical, convenient, and fun place to capture your senior portraits.

Why we no longer offer an Ambassador Program: 

We no longer offer an ambassador program because while it is a good deal for a few students, it is not a benefit for all.

Instead, we reward any and all seniors with a discount who sign up for our Early Bird sessions at the beginning of the season when we’re not overly-booked. Ask for details about our all-inclusive reward program.

Regardless of when or where you have your portraits done, please take time to read through this Guide. It can answer lots of your questions and help you get the best possible portrait.

Browse through the website to see samples of my work and to get some creative ideas. Read the testimonials from our other customers (some of whom you may know.) And check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Finally, after you’ve spent some time thinking about what you want, feel free to call us if you have questions.

We hope you choose to have your portraits created here at the Senior Portrait Center at Lamborn’s Studio where, for over 65 years, we’ve been helping seniors capture and project their true personality.

You deserve the best. You're only a senior once, so put your professional image into the hands of a professional photographer. You'll find the best does not cost more.

Most sincerely,

Fred Tom

Fred Tom
Professional Senior Portrait Photographer
740-593-6744 (in Athens County)
1-800-224-5567 (outside Athens County) 

"I thought I would save money by going elsewhere but I found that the pricing was virtually the same and elsewhere I had to spend more money and time to add framing to my son's portrait." Debra Fanning

"Since 1984 I have always entrusted Lamborn's Studio & Custom Framing with my Families Portrait & Custom Framing needs. I have always been very satisfied with the results." Cheryl Riley

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Visit  The Southeast Ohio Portrait Center at
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(or 1-800-224-5567 if you're calling from outside Athens County.)