Here are some things to consider to make your portrait session go well:

Studio Props: Our Portrait Center offers a huge selection of props. But you should really consider bring your own props which most closely reflect your personality or interests: musical instruments, hats, sunglasses, leather jackets, boots, skateboard, bicycle, motorcycle, sports items or trophies, stuffed animals, even friends or pets. Use your imagination. The more you personalize your session, the more you will enjoy your portraits.

Bring a good variety of outfits for your session! At least 2 for the Basic, 4 or 5 for the Superior and 1 or 2 more for the outdoor sessions. SEOpickOutfits (20K) Variety in your outfit choices is the key to truly enjoying your Portrait Session Experience! Be sure to consider the entire outfit from the shoes to the hat. If you can't decide, bring more than your session calls for and Fred will help you pick.

Makeup: Your basic everyday makeup is best. Use eye shadow sparingly and with care. An extra coat of mascara will make your lashes appear larger and fuller. Lip gloss adds sparkle and dimension. Bring your makeup for touch-ups. We have a large well-lit makeup area.

We provide a spacious make-up counter for your pre-session preparation. Be sure to bring your make-up with you to your session. SEOmakeup (15K)
SEOmakeup2 (15K) Also, don't forget to bring anything you may require for your last-minute hair preparation such as curling irons or hot rollers.

Question: What can I do to keep my "retouching" (digital print enhancement) fees to a minimum? STAY AWAY from the SUN and the TANNING BOOTH.
Too much sun darkens your skin unnaturally, dries out your hair, and makes skin appear shiny. Unfortunately, to correct sunburn and strap marks is an additional expense. So avoid any disappointment and remember: there is no such thing as a healthy tan.

Men, shave one hour before your appointment. Doing so can save you approximately $20  per pose for digitally retouching 5-o’clock shadow.

Glasses: If you generally wear glasses, to avoid reflections on the lenses you could borrow an empty pair of frames from your optician. However, wearing your regular glasses will provide the most natural appearance as your lenses affect the size and shape of the eyes. If reflections do appear on the lenses they can be digitally corrected for $15 per pose.

Of course, tinted lenses will darken your eyes. 

See the reflections? Glasses may cause reflections. They can be corrected for a small fee. Empty frames can solve this problem but on some "frameless" styles this is not an option.

Clean glasses will produce a more natural look as the lenses affect the size and shape of your eyes.

Hair: Your normal style is probably the best choice for your portraits. It will look the  most natural. A new haircut or style should be a week to ten days old so that freshly-cut ends will not stand out. Clean hair has a healthy appearance. Just-washed hair may appear frizzy. Before your session (and after each outfit change), check your hair carefully  for loose ends that pick up light and stand out.

Keep your hair trimmed out of your eyes, since your eyes are the most important element of a fine portrait.  

Clothing. For your close-up portraits, avoid sleeveless or very-short sleeves because they can distract from the face. (Although short-sleeves make work OK for your 3/4 and full-length portraits.) Bring outfits you really like and that are comfortable and which fit nicely. You want to be comfortable. Come in your traditional outfit, but bring at least one casual outfit as well (even with the Basic Session). Remember, with the Superior Session you can have up to 5 changes of clothing

Stripes and bright colors also tend to
draw the viewer's attention
away from your expression.

SEOvertStripes (16K)

Horizontal stripes broaden how you
appear in portraiture. They will cause
you to seem to be heavier than you are.
SEOhorizStripes (13K)

Wearing white can cause you to appear
pale and washed out.
SEOwhiteTop (9K)
Avoid short sleeve or sleeveless outfits
for your close-up portraits.
Seeing only some of the arm distracts from the face.

In the Superior and Anything Anywhere Sessions, consider bringing not only outfits for your yearbook and professional traditional poses, but also your casual clothes: T-shirts, tie-dyed, neon, something that will be white or all black, band uniforms, baseball, basketball, football or other sports uniforms, swimwear, or formal dresses, etc.

This is your opportunity to EXPRESS YOURSELF. You’ll have several poses and portraits to choose from so have fun and don’t be shy about trying a portrait that seems less than serious.

Wild graphic T-shirts are fine
for your fun images.
They are not the proper choice
for a timeless Traditional Portrait.
SEOtshirtpose (15K)

Not long after your portrait sessions, you'll be able to come in to
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